Design TLC Website Services

Semi-Annual Refresh

Your website can get old fast! It’s easy to forget to update information and photos on your site. An up-to-date website can send a message to website visitors that you are engaged in your website and that you pay attention to details.

We will contact you every 6 months to go over your website content and select updated photography to keep your website up to date. We will test all the forms on your site, check for broken links on your entire site and look for outdated information on your top 10 pages. We will prompt you to take new photos or have someone else take some photos to choose from (often you already have a selection of photos on your phone or camera that were used for social media). We will share a Google Drive folder with you to make it easy to share photos with us so we can select 5-10 new photos for your website.

$500 every 6 months

Billed once per six months until cancelled